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Our 19 different Animal Plush Toys are stitched with love locally  from excellent quality materials and filled with super soft and clean fiber made from recycled plastic bottles collected from our local communities in South Africa.  The Plush Toys are available in 30cm, 18cm, 10cm Keychains, Back Packs and Hand Puppets.


The Plush comes in the following options:

  • Embroidered with a Heart shape SA Flag (SA)

  • Not Embroidered (General)

  • We can customise the 30cm Plush Toys with your Country, Town, or Establishment’s Logo embroidered on the left foot at an extra cost. (Except the Crocodile, Dassie, Penguin and Monkey)

Plush Toy 30cm

Plush / Soft Toy 30cm

Standard – 30cm

With the 30cm you can choose between SA Heart Flag embroidered, Not embroidered, or Customised embroidered (with your Town, Country or Establishment’s name or Logo) on the left foot of the animals except the Dassie, Crocodile, Penguin and Monkey.


Customisation MOQ 48 animals (can be the same design or mixed) 



Embroided (S)


No Embroidery (G)


Customised (C)

Traveler – 30cm

Our 30cm Traveler range are dressed in a Sling bag and T-shirt with SA.

Customise your Country, Town or Establishment’s name or logo on the T-shirt.

MOQ 24 for customisation mixed designs. Design Fee applicable for customisation

Excluding Crocodile and Penguin


Safari – 30cm

Our 30cm Safari Animals are dressed in an Adorable Khaki shirt. Excluding Crocodile and Penguin.


You can choose between SA Embroidered or No Embroidery 30cm Plush Animals to be dressed.

Plush Toy 18cm

Plush Toy 18cm

Standard – 18cm

Our 18 Small Wild African animals are the best.  They are big enough to cuddle and small enough to fit in any bag.  You can choose between and SA Flag embroidered on no embroidery.


Embroided SA


No Embroidery

Explorer South Africa – 18cm

Our South Africa embroidered 18cm Small Wild Animals are dressed in a Bandanna and South Africa Safari Hat. Excluding the Penguin and Dassie Designs.


Plush Toy 10cm Keychain

Standard – 10cm Keychain

Our 18 designs of 10cm Keychain’s are super cute and a popular gift.  They are small enough to fit onto any bag as an accessory or to keep keys together and visible.  You can choose between SA Flag embroidered or no embroidery plush toys.


Embroided SA


No Embroidery

Adventurer – 10cm Keychain

Our 10cm South Africa Adventurer Keychains are embroidered with SA Flag and dressed with a South Africa Safari Hat.


Plush Toy keychain &

Enamel Mug 10cm

Our plush keychains (10cm) inside a small enamel mug (6cm).  Choose our South African Print on the Mug or customise the mug with your own Town, Country, or Establishment’s name.


(MOQ 24 for customisation).


You can choose between SA Embroidered or No Embroidery Keychain.

Plush Toy Backpacks


Standard – 38cm

Our Large Plush Toys Backpacks (38cm) comes in

6 (six) designs. 


The Backpack is a multi-purpose gift, store goodies or cuddle when needed.


All bags come embroidered with a SA Heart Flag on the chest.

Plush Toy Hand Puppets

Standard – 24cm

Our Plush Toys Hand Puppets (24cm) comes in

4 (four) designs. 


The hand puppets will add extra excitement to an African Safari story.  All Hand Puppets comes embroidered with a SA Heart Flag on the chest.

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