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The Water/Snow Globes designs are made with all South Africa most popular tourist attractions and Africa’s safari Animals. The globes are made with a glass dome and polyresin base.  The globes are individually hand painted. When the Water/Snow globes are shaken the scene comes alive with magical glitter. This is a very popular collector’s item for overseas tourist as it is collected all over the world. We can customise designs with a MOQ applicable.


Water/Snow Globes


The Extra-Large Water globes comes with the Big 5 Animals inside the globes as well as their faces on the base. Option: Big Five South Africa or just Big Five description on the base.

Water/Snow Globes


12cm x 9.5cm

South Africa’s biggest tourist attractions and towns are captured on these Large globes.

Group_Waterglobe_Small Ver2.png

Water/Snow Globes


7cm x 5cm

South Africa’s Small towns, tourist attractions and popular wild animals are captured on these Small globes.

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